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Çalışma Saatleri : 08:30 - 8:00
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Hyster Double Stacker Truck Highlights:

  • The Hyster double stacker truck has a compact and robust chassis offering fast acceleration, 7.5km/h laden speed operation, power steering.
  • Welded fork construction makes the Hyster double stacker truck range highly resistant to torsion.
  • Providing superior performance, the low maintenance AC motor helps to reduce the cost of operation.
  • Driver Diagnostic Interface (DDI) enables the selection of appropriate performance settings to suit the most challenging applications. An optional key-pad with PIN code access can be selected to enhance warehouse management.
  • To help reduce the cost of ownership the power transmission is supplied with Helicoidal gears which run in an oil bath, helping to reduce wear and tear.
  • Maintenance requirements are minimised, reducing the associated costs and downtime. There is a diagnostic system for preventative maintenance communication. The lift motor construction ensures low maintenance requirements. CANbus technology offers enhanced functionality and reliability.

Model Ismi Ağırlık Batarya Kapasitesi kaldırma kapasitesi
P2.0SD (pedestrian) 1081 24V / 300Ah 2100
P2.0SD (stand-on) 1081 24V / 300Ah 2100
P2.0SD Fixed (BIGA) (stand-on) 1138 24V / 300Ah 2100
P2.0SD Fixes (BOB) (stand-on) 1126 24V / 300Ah 2100